aktualisiert am: 08.09.2016
PLZ 84174
Drei Teller tragen: Anfänger
Getränkeausschank: Anfänger
Barkeeper: Anfänger
Barista / Coffee Shop: Anfänger
Messehostess: Anfänger
Alter: 25
Sprachen: Englisch, Sonstige,
Referenz: During the time of my exchange program abroad I received an opportunity to improve my English skills and currently it is my second everyday language, and I would be completely comfortable with using it in my work. Even thought I do not have waitering experience, I have some experience with customer service: I used to work as an assistant to a project manager and one of my tasks were to present the production of our company in conferences. Moreover, I have working experience in company“Krasta Auto Vilnius”, where some of my responsibilities were communication with the clients, sales of accessories and other tasks in customer service and this experience, which, I believe, would go in hand with my other personal skills, needed for the job. I would LOVE to work as a waitress or bartender (especially). I am eager to learn necessary skills (language, preparation and others) in order to meet your expectations.
Stundenlohn ab: 9,00 EUR
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